You’ll be very frond of these green spaces.

1. Warm a minimalist interior with integrated plants.

bedroom with integrated plants-compressed Photo: imgur

2. A dark and moody kitchen *needs* fresh greenery.

moody kitchen-compressed Photo: imgur

3. Utilize vertical space with an herb garden.

vertical garden-compressed (1) Photo: imgur

4. Staggering plant heights adds visual interest.

plants at different levels-compressed Photo: tumblr

5. Many houseplants will thrive in the humidity of a bathroom.

plants in bathroom-compressed Photo: imgur

6. A fiddle leaf fig tree is always a good idea.

fig tree-compressed Photo: imgur

6. Hanging plants are a welcome space-saving design.

hanging plants-compressed Photo: imgur

7. Cozy up concrete with ample greenery.

cozy concrete-compressed Photo: imgur

8. Bring the outdoors in with a vertical garden.

indoor vertical garden-compressed Photo: imgur

9. Ferns are among the best air-purifying plants for your home.

ferns-compressed Photo: imgur

10. Be the Tarzan of your very own urban jungle.

go crazy-compressed Photo: imgur

11. Use leafy greens to establish zones in an open-concept space.

open concept plans-compressed Photo: imgur

12. Palms are one of this year’s biggest decor trends.

tall palms-compressed Photo: imgur

13. Add a bit of fragrance with fresh flowers.

fresh flowers and succulents-compressed (1) Photo: imgur

14. Terracotta pots offer a classic look.

terracotta-compressed Photo: tumblr

15. Or go for a boho vibe with woven basket planters.

boho vibe-compressed Photo: Pinterest

16. Create a spa-like atmosphere with a tall container plant.

plant feature bathroom-compressed Photo: imgur

17. And finally, add pops of color using natural elements.

pops of color-compressed Photo: imgur

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