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Although half of Seattle is made up of renters, everyone on the Wallingford Community Council is a homeowner. Doug Trumm — a renter and resident of the North Seattle neighborhood — ran for an open board position last week and lost. Trumm blames what he calls the council’s “prejudice against renters” for the upset.

In a editorial for The Urbanist, Trumm describes how everyone was elected unopposed and his position was saved for last. Trumm gave a short speech about how he could bring a renter’s perspective to the council. Then the drama began. Trumm writes:

“A woman asked if I even lived in Wallingford, perhaps hoping to discredit me on a technicality. The western boundary of the WCC is Aurora Avenue; so, despite technically living in East Fremont, I qualify for the council. Foiled there, she followed this friendly query up with, ‘why did you move to a city that’s so expensive and then ask the taxpayers to help you?’ I asked how the taxpayers were subsidizing me and she said that’s what HALA does and reiterated, ‘why do you live here?’ It felt like she was saying that I should go live somewhere else.”

What do you think? Does the Wallingford Community Council have a prejudice against renters? Or has this all been blown out of proportion?

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