When most people think of Seattle, poolside living isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But in recent years the combination of transplants from California and global warming has made the swimming pool a more desirable amenity. Here are five apartments up for rent where you can spend the summer in your swimsuit.

1100 University Street — from $1,914 per month


Photo: Panorama Apartments

Conveniently located in the First Hill neighborhood, Panorama Apartments features a whole host of young professional-friendly outdoor amenities, including a 50-foot pool, a cabana and tiki lounge, bocce ball and a fire pit.

2515 4th Avenue — from $1,511 per month


Photo: Centennial Tower and Court Apartments

If you prefer year-round swimming, check out the lovely indoor pool in this Belltown apartment complex. You can imagine a relaxing swim complemented by the sound of rain pattering on the sunroof.

1st Avenue and Blanchard Street — $4,500 per month


Photo: Zillow

This is the place for the Olympian in training. If swimming is your desired form of exercise or recreation, this pool is big enough to run drills. Pull on that swim cap and dive into this pricey pool overlooking Elliot Bay.

Canterbury Lane East — $2,950 per month


Photo: Zillow

An outdoor pool in Madison Park with heating? Now that sounds like an amenity to jump a fence for. You can store a small watercraft and take a dip in the lake whenever the novelty of the pool wears off for your kids.

11th Avenue East — $2,800 per month


Photo: Zillow

We’ll round out this list with a lovely oval pool in Roanoke Park. The best part of this pool? It’s private. No screaming banshees cannon balling into this quiet oasis.

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