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A five-alarm fire that tore through the 3300 block of San Francisco’s Mission Street on June 17th has left the burgeoning Mission Bernal community looking much different.

Low rent has drawn diverse restaurants and businesses into the area in the last few years, and a sizeable number were affected by the blaze — according to the San Francisco Chronicle, it displaced nine businesses, as well as 58 residents. Two people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and a one year old was treated for breathing issues.

San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Jonathan Baxter has confirmed that the fire originated at 3312 Mission Street, home to Cole Hardware and some residential housing. That building, as well as the building that housed nearby restaurant Playa Azul, will need to be entirely rebuilt. 

The 3300 Club at 3300 Mission Street was also affected. The after-hours watering hole was a favorite for restaurant servers and chefs — as the sous chef of The Front Porch told the Chronicle, “[t]he 3300 Club was a beacon of working-class San Francisco.” While the building it was in won’t need to be totally rebuilt, the venue could be closed for a year or more, along with restaurant Taco Loco.

Located in the same building as the 3300 Club, the Graywood Hotel will also need to remain closed, at least in the short term. The single-room occupancy hotel housed many of the 58 people displaced by the fire, some of whom had just moved in after being homeless.

Mayor Ed Lee has reassured those affected that he will call on Good Samaritans, including companies like Airbnb, to help provide shelter for those now without homes. There are also several online funds to help the displaced, including this GoFundMe campaign where 100 percent of proceeds go directly towards those affected.

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