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RW Productions, a California-based company linked with the production outfit behind MTV’s “The Real World” franchise, filed paperwork last week to create a “movie studio” and temporary residence on Capitol Hill, reports CHS.

MTV has not confirmed its intention to film in Seattle, but if the rumors are true, the 32nd season of the reality show will be set largely in the Ballou Wright building on 12th Avenue. “The Real World” moves to a different city each season, and it’s been 18 years since it last took place in Seattle.  

According to the permit application filed with the city of Seattle, RW Productions is proposing $50,000 in renovations to make the place camera ready. The building used to house Klineburger Brothers — not a burger shop as one might infer from the name, but one of the largest custom taxidermy firms in the country. It is now primarily used for office space and a Juicebox cold-pressed juice bar.

In 1998, the Seattle cast of “The Real World” lived at Pier 70 and had “jobs” as DJs at KNDD and as fish tossers at Pike Place Market. What do you imagine the set in Seattle might look like today?

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