Welcome to the jungle.

1. Add height to your display with a step ladder.

plants on ladder Photo: liveprettyonapenny/Instagram

2. A colorful plastic crate adds a bit of whimsy.

colorful crate Photo: joelixjoelix/Instagram

3. Stand a vintage wooden crate on its side.

vintage wooden crate Photo: dangolby/Instagram

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4. DIY a macramé hanging planter.

macrame planter Photo: macandmoredecor/Instagram

5. Turn a pineapple into a temporary vase.

pineapple vase Photo: ele.blue/Instagram

6. Drill into a birch log to create a succulent planter.

birch planter Photo: bluebirdkisses/Instagram

7. Metallic planters look ultra-glam.

metallic hanging planters Photo: abeautifulmess/Instagram

8. Channel Andy Warhol with upcycled soup cans.

soup can planter Photo: justkiddinghk/Instagram

9. Paint a terracotta pot to match your home’s decor.

painted planter Photo: _elaine_hoo/Instagram

10. Hang airplants in a frame with a wire backing.

airplant frame Photo: airplantman/Instagram

11. Vintage bottles make for pretty vases.

vintage bottles Photo: dearindustryvintage

12. Indoor plants in rice baskets are having a moment.

rice basket planter Photo: seimeiisland/Instagram

13. Light bulb terrariums are a bright idea.

light bulb terrarium Photo: imakethings.uk/Instagram

14. A fern placed on a hanging shelf looks effortlessly cool.

hanging shelf Photo: newdarlings/Instagram

15. And finally, it’s scientifically proven that fresh cut greens look better in test tubes.

test tubes Photo: jereemyoo/Instagram

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