Homebuyers in Vancouver have never needed deeper pockets. Even a one-bedroom apartment can cost a pretty penny, and if you want to buy a house, you’d better be prepared to drop over $1 million.

Because of those conditions, many homebuyers are starting to turn away from Vancouver and toward its suburbs. What they’re finding should come as no surprise — while homes in the cities surrounding Vancouver may be a little off the beaten track, they’re also often considerably cheaper and larger.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of townhomes and houses near Vancouver that are currently on the market for about $750,000. Whether they’re worth leaving the city for is up to you to decide.

3909 Creekside Place, Burnaby — $738,000

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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Photo: Realtor.ca

Burnaby may not be Vancouver, but as its closest suburb, buying a house there will still cost you nearly $1 million — and at $750,000 only townhomes and condos are available. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. This three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome comes with a gym, plus an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

Neighbouring 3974 Creekside Place is also up for sale.

223 Salter Street, New Westminster — $748,800

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Just outside Burnaby in New Westminster you’ll still be hard pressed to find a house selling for much less than $1 million. Large townhomes and condos abound, however — this three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome has plenty of outdoor space, and inside mixes designer paint and classy stainless steel appliances with a fun chalkboard wall.

82 – 323 Governors Court, New Westminster — $724,900

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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Another offering from New Westminster, this two-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome may be just the ticket for those looking for some peace and quiet — it’s adults only, so whether you’re looking to relax on the patio or stargaze through the skylight, you won’t have to worry about interruptions.

18 – 8080 Francis Road, Richmond — $748,888

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Located in Richmond’s Saunders area, this bright townhome is a little further from Vancouver than Burnaby and New Westminster. It’s close to transit, parks and shopping centers, but for parents the biggest draw of this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home may be its proximity to a French immersion school.

6297 172A Street, Surrey — $750,000

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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Photo: Realtor.ca

Head out to Surrey, and suddenly $750,000 can buy you a lot more than a townhome — this house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and sits on a big 7,509-square-foot lot. And while it’s a little older, lots of renovations have kept it looking fresh.

9 – 15128 24 Avenue, Surrey — $749,000

24 avenue 1

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24 avenue 2

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This three-bedroom, four-bathroom townhome in Surrey is on the newer side, and it shows. It’s bright, spacious, and comes with plenty of enticing upgrades, such as a built-in wine rack and imported quartz countertop.

1961 Flynn Crescent, Coquitlam — $749,800

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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Photo: Realtor.ca

East of Vancouver in Coquitlam $750,000 is easily enough to purchase a sizeable house — though it likely won’t be a new one. This one has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a fully fenced backyard.

2191 Centennial Avenue, Port Coquitlam — $750,000

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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Size is the thing at this three-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Port Coquitlam — not to be confused with Coquitlam. It sits on a large 7,085-square-foot lot, and comes with an expansive sundeck, huge master bedroom and big basement rec room.

104 – 100 Klahanie Drive, Port Moody — $725,000

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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This three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome in Port Moody is a good drive from Vancouver, but that won’t be the case for long — it’s located along the long-awaited Evergreen branch of the skytrain.

77 – 15 Forest Park Way, Port Moody — $749,000

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Photo: Realtor.ca

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This award-winning townhome is styled after Whistler’s opulent homes, and is one of the newer homes available in Vancouver’s eastern suburbs. It’s got three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is a coveted end unit tucked away from street noise and activity.

20010 50 Avenue, Langley — $750,000

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Langley is much closer to farmland than to the bustle of Vancouver, and this four-bedroom, three-bathroom house proves it. While it’s only 10 years old, its wraparound porch and yard filled with fruit trees and gardens give it “the style and charm of a 100 year old farm house.”

27946 Maclure Road, Abbotsford — $749,000

27946 maclure road 1

Photo: Realtor.ca

27496 maclure road 2

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Commuting daily from Abbotsford to Vancouver would be a big ask, but if you’re only looking to be close enough to the city to visit occasionally, this rustic yet elegant house could be an option. Bonuses include a theatre room and two-bedroom nanny suite — likely a necessity for the family that buys this seven-bedroom, five-bathroom house.

11316 – 239 Street, Maple Ridge — $749,800

236 street 1-compressed

Photo: Realtor.ca

236 street 2

Photo: Realtor.ca

At five bedrooms and three bathrooms, this Maple Ridge house is another large, family-focused home that’s outside the bustle of Vancouver. It’s located in the quiet Kanaka Creek neighborhood, and is within walking distance of two elementary schools.

Wondering exactly where all these cities are? Check out the map below.

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