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Looking to escape the daily grind to somewhere more exotic than your cubicle? Roam Co-Living is a startup company that allows members to sign a single lease and travel between their international locations. For $500 a week or $1,800 a month, ‘Roamies’ are provided with fully-furnished private rooms, a co-working space with high-speed Internet, communal kitchen, laundry facilities and more.

The company currently operates two ‘Roam Spaces’ in Miami and Bali, but is preparing to open three more locations — Madrid, Buenos Aires and London — in the coming months. While airfare is not included in the price, members are invited to book their stays within the network of communal living spaces using Roam’s internal tools.

Each room has a private bathroom and a king or queen size bed. Roam also provides sheets and towels, which are laundered for you. Up to two people may share a room and split the cost, which is a heck of a deal when you compare it to the average monthly rent in most urban centers.

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The company is serious about offering ‘strong, battle-tested wifi’ throughout the Roam Space for those working remotely. They supply everything from redundant fiber lines to multiple providers and universal power outlets. Roamies will also have free, unlimited access to communal areas, which vary depending on the location. Private rooms and co-working spaces are a given, but there are other perks like swimming pools, rooftop cafes, yoga studios, barbecue gardens and hammocks.

While the startup is a relatively new venture, they are planning to open eight to ten locations around the world by 2017. Think you’re ready to Roam? Check out for more information.

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