View from Soren Ballard, 5711 24th Avenue Northwest, Seattle — $1,770 per month

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Seattle had the ninth-highest median one-bedroom apartment rent in the US in April, according to the Zumper National Rent Report. At $1,770 per month, it came in ahead of Chicago and just below Miami, while median two-bedroom rent was $2,350.


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Since the beginning of the year, the Seattle one-bedroom rental market has held the 10th spot on Zumper’s monthly top 10 most expensive rental markets list. However, as summer rears its sunny head, rental prices in the emerald city are heating up.

Surprise surprise, San Francisco is still sitting pretty at number one. To rent a one bedroom in the city by the bay you’ll need to shell out $3,560 per month. For a two bedroom you better have $4,780 waiting in the bank.


Graph: Zumper

Hopefully Seattle isn’t headed for the same pricey future. One-bedroom median rent in the city has hiked up 7.9 percent in the past year, according to Zumper.

Good old Wichita, Kansas firmly held last place last month, with one-bedroom rent at a cozy $460 per month. Always an option if Seattle’s skyrocketing rent is getting you down.

Enjoy the sunshine and moderately high rent while it lasts!

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