san francisco tiny house

Photo: Paragon Real Estate Group

News flash for those starved for adorable real estate updates: San Francisco’s itsy-bitsy 363-square-foot home in the Mission District sold for $550,000 in early May. At the time, it was the smallest home on the market. The asking price was $495,000, but instead the charming cottage sold for $55,000 more.

Located at 444 14th Street — not that you’d walk by to peek — the tiny and relatively affordable house easily wooed potential buyers.

“When people get a look at this property, they start dreaming about getting rid of all their trappings and living the simple life,” Paragon Real Estate listing agent Laura Taylor told Curbed SF. “It’s a really stunning spot.”

The public will get a chance to see more of the diminutive house when it is featured on the HGTV show “Tiny House Hunters.”

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