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Why hire an interior designer when you can live in his house? The Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine’s 2004 home of the year just hit the market for $2.39 million.

The three-bedroom “Hill House” in Queen Anne was built for interior designer Steve Hensel and his partner. Hensel collaborated with top architect Eggleston Farakas and landscape legend David Adams.

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The three spent one full year planning the exterior and interior of the house before breaking ground. Hensel was trained first as a visual artist and his touches are apparent throughout the home.

The Hill House website offers a peek into the charmed life the lucky future owner might lead on the penthouse loft level:

“Dazzle your guests with an eye-popping 360-degree view right out of Frasier,” it reads. “Or enjoy a fireside tête-à-tête naming your beloved Seattle-area landmarks: the Space Needle, Mt Rainier, Bainbridge Island — they are all here.”

hill 3 Photo: Windemere

Hold the phone — Dr. Frasier Crane! You mean “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs” could become the soundtrack to our lives?

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, the penthouse-level bathroom is outfitted with a heated toilet seat and a view of a zen garden.

The master suite is a comfy space to watch television (“Frasier,” obviously), eat, drink and sleep. Or as the Hill House website describes:

“Before retiring for the night unwind in the library with a movie and popcorn from the thoughtfully concealed microwave, or shake a cherry from the wet bar. Or simply peruse your collections, handsomely showcased in the elegant and neatly fitted shelving.”

If we had a dime for every time we shook a cherry from the wet bar…

hill 4 Photo: Windemere

Last but not least, the home is equipped with guest and service quarters. Halogen lighting, a fancy bamboo cable staircase and a 22-foot-high mural by Melissa Koch are just a few of the perks you and/or your servants may enjoy. As Hill House puts it:

“Here you might have entire crews of housecleaners, groundskeepers and other caretakers come, efficiently perform their duties and quietly depart – all without ruffling the tranquility of your daily rhythms on the higher floors.”

hill 5 Photo: Windemere

Upstairs, downstairs. A real Downton Abbey in Seattle. The home is an undeniable architectural marvel. A dream come true for the homebuyer fortunate enough to seal the deal!

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