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Located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, Hibernia Bank has undergone multi-million-dollar renovations since being vacated in 2001. Now it’s up for lease from developer Dolmen Property Group and was recently visited by Hillary Clinton. On May 26th, she led a public “Get Out The Vote” rally at the bank while in the Bay Area on a fundraising trip.

“Hillary Clinton’s event is the first public event at The Hibernia Bank, which is now fully renovated and ready for commercial leasing,” said Seamus Naughten, managing director at Dolmen Property Group, in a press release.

Built in 1892, Hibernia Bank is a recognized historical landmark with a gorgeous interior. It was designed by Albert Pissis, who originally introduced the Beaux-Arts architectural style to San Francisco. The structure encompasses 40,611 square feet and survived the 1906 earthquake; however, the interior was partially destroyed by the fires that swept the city after the disaster.

Renovations made by Dolmen Property Group include “updating the fire control systems and the plumbing and installing an ADA-compliant elevator, but also some grander labors, like a shear wall to anchor the building to the ground in anticipation of the next earthquake,” according to SF Weekly,

SF Architectural Heritage describes the bank as “one of the finest of San Francisco’s uniquely superb collection of modified temple form banks.” Similarly, Naughten told KTVU Fox, “[t]here’s not too many buildings in San Francisco that have the same gravitas as [Hibernia Bank].”

SF Chronicle has proclaimed that Hibernia Bank being on the market is a precursor to “Tenderloin’s rebirth.” Stay tuned for updates on who snatches up this grandiose property already broken in by the former First Lady.

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Photo: Hibernia Bank

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Photo: Hibernia Bank

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Photo: Hibernia Bank

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