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The South Lake Union office building that Frank Gehry designed for Facebook recently opened to employees. The space has an intentionally unfinished look to remind the Facebook team that the company’s journey is only partially finished, Eva Skone, Facebook’s lead for culture, communications and events told the Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC).

Features like cement floors, unfinished plywood panels in meeting rooms and exposed ceilings help create the under-construction feel. A giant central staircase connects floors five through eight and allows glimpses at what’s going on below.


Photo: DJC

The new office is located at Dexter Station. Floors five through eight have now been completed, and within a year, the company will occupy all 10 floors of the 335,000-square-foot office building developed by Capstone Partners.

Working at the Seattle Facebook location will have endless perks for any lucky tech-savvy employees. Employees have the option of working at their desks or in some of the office’s quirky spaces. There is a soundproof room where people can blast music and a large tub filled with balls next to a large window overlooking Lake Union.

Vending machines are stocked with keyboards, phone chargers, headphones, batteries and other toys for tech fanatics.

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Photo: DJC

Per the DJC, the Seattle Facebook team’s projects have included video calling through Facebook Messenger and a cold storage system for photos and video. The team also works on analytics for apps, sharing, games, login, account kits and plugins.

One thing is certain — the office is thoroughly Seattle, with rooms styled after Seattle neighborhoods and popular local bars such as the Crocodile. Good for you if you are currently employed at Facebook. If not, it’s time to clean up that resume.

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