cubix fremont-compressed

Rendering: Jackson Main Architecture

The building located at 36th Street and Evanston Avenue across from the Lenin statue in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood is celebrating its centennial this year. But the party is soon to be over — the geriatric building is set to be bulldozed in favor of a shiny new six-story apartment complex.

The new project, dubbed Cubix Fremont, will feature 47 micro-apartments ranging in size from roughly 233 square feet (so tiny!) to 566 square feet for the sixth-floor corner unit.

If the design review proposal is approved, the complex will include 2,579 square feet of retail space and 64 bike stalls. A dream for anyone who commutes on the nearby Burke Gilman trail.

It’s a smart time to develop in Fremont. Property values in the neighborhood are projected to rise 7.9 percent this year. With its quirky reputation, who knows what will go into the retail space down below. A new cat cafe? An artisan dental floss boutique? A unicycle dispensary? If you can dream it, you can be it.

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