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San Francisco’s Alamo Square Park is widely known for a few different things: the “Full House” opening theme song picnic shot, the row of Victorian houses nicknamed “the Painted Ladies” and a sweeping view of downtown San Francisco. It is also simply a useful recreational park for the Western Addition neighborhood — or it was until its closure on May 10th.

For nine months the park will undergo much-needed renovations costing $4.3 million. These improvements are possible thanks to the 2008 Park Bond’s Restroom Bond Program, the 2012 Park Bond’s Water Conservation Program and a grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for Large Landscape Retrofits.

The action items for the park’s renovations are impressive:

  • Dig up and replace the antiquated irrigation system
  • Install “smart” irrigation controllers (sensors that adjust to the optimal sprinkler run time based on local weather conditions)
  • Build a wheelchair-accessible restroom
  • Put in a new lawn for the dog play area and open park areas
  • Plant native no-mow grasses along the park’s perimeter
  • Remove about a dozen decaying trees
  • Begin planting 40+ new trees over the next several years

According to Alamo Square Online, these improvements will result in a 37-percent decrease in the park’s water use.

“While the construction will inevitably be inconvenient for the neighborhood, in the long term, the replacement of the irrigation system, the re-sodding of certain sections of the park, and the brand new ADA-accessible bathroom will result in a better park for the community,” Lisa Zahner, president of the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association, told Hoodline.

If you’re feeling the void left by Alamo Square Park and trying to find the right replacement, check out these tips:

Wondering where you should take your dog to romp around?

Try the Duboce Park Dog Play Area or Mission Bay Dog Park.

Want to play a round of doubles with a few tennis friends?

Try the Alice Marble Recreation Center or the Golden Gate Park Tennis Complex.

Waxing poetic over a particularly gorgeous, Instagram-worthy sunset and need a quick shot of the city below you?

Try Dolores Park, Corona Heights Park or Bernal Heights Park.

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