Why spend $1,200 on an upholstered headboard when you can DIY instead of buy? We’ve come up with 25 creative ideas for decorating a bedroom sans headboard.

1. Glue together various size birch slices for an earthy look.

headboard birch slicesPhoto: coffeepaintrepeat/Instagram

2. Reclaimed wood wall art will do the trick.

headboard art piecePhoto: eleventyonestudio/Instagram

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3. Or go with plywood for a minimalist aesthetic.

headboard plywoodPhoto: juthamat_by_jem/Instagram

4. Upcycled shutters look good too.

headboard shuttersPhoto: whimsygirldesign/Instagram

5. Start a new chapter with a DIY book headboard.

book headboardPhoto: zombie_polaroids/Instagram

6. An oversized piece of art is creatively cool. 

oversized art headboardPhoto: red.rawdesign/Instagram

7. Weathered doors look especially pretty.

upcycled doorsPhoto: dreamywhiteslifestyle/Instagram

8. A washi tape design takes about $3 and ten minutes of your time.

washi tape headboardPhoto: clematc/Instagram

9. Send the right message with a light box headboard.

lightbox headboardPhoto: bxxlght/Instagram

10. A pull-down classroom map is old school cool.

vintage map headboardPhoto: colincabalka/Instagram

11. Upcycled windows have shabby chic appeal.

headboard windowsPhoto: dominomag/Instagram

12. A pallet headboard is simple yet stylish.

pallet headboardPhoto: andrajos/Instagram

13. Seek out good vibes with a tapestry.

tapestry headboardPhoto: uoupstate/Instagram

14. Personalize your bedroom with a chalkboard headboard.

chalkboard headboardPhoto: mrswillis050611/Instagram

15. A mirror will make your room appear larger.

mirror headboardPhoto: bsmithdesign/Instagram

16. Create the perfect #shelfie behind your bed.

shelf headboard-compressedPhoto: Pinterest

17. Channel the 70s with a macramé wall hanging.

macrame headboardPhoto: retrodentulsa/Instagram

18. Rugs aren’t just for floors.

rug headboardPhoto: theaceofspaceblog/Instagram

19. Install a pegboard to hang all the things!

pegboard headboardPhoto: designsponge/Instagram

20. On a budget? Paint a headboard onto the wall.

painted headboardPhoto: wannemacherinteriors/Instagram

21. Cover a portion of your wall in Stikwood.

stikwood headboardPhoto: that_girl80/Instagram

22. A fireplace mantle looks whimsical when paired with prints.

mantle headboardPhoto: afancifultwist/Instagram

23. Affix cushions to the wall for a relaxed vibe.

cushions headboardPhoto: hellofixmyroom/Instagram

24. Obscure objects add intrigue.

objects headboardPhoto: mollyruthtompkins/Instagram

25. And finally, when in doubt, just add twinkle lights.

twinkle light headboardPhoto: the_interiors_magpie/Instagram

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