Big ideas spurred from small spaces.

1. An accordion window creates an indoor/outdoor space that everyone will enjoy.

tiny house accordian window-min Photo:

Joshua and Shelley Engberg, the owners and designers of this 374 square foot home, are representatives for three nationwide Tiny House Trailer manufacturers. They also design and build tiny house shells, and blog about their experiences living in a tiny house on wheels at

2. This bathroom door doubles as a ladder that leads to a loft space.

sliding barn door-compressed Photo:

See more interior photos of Joshua and Shelley’s THOW on Instagram.

3. Staircase drawers nix wasted space.

tiny house stairs-min Photo:

Plans for this baseball themed “Home Run” tiny house are for sale here.

4. Utilize vertical storage with magnetic strips.

tiny house magnetic strips-compressed Photo:

See more photos of the 160 square foot Tiny Hall House here.

5. Stackable stools are a must for entertaining.

PicMonkey Collage Photos:

These beauties were custom made by a woodworker in New Hampshire who crafted them from reclaimed wood found in an old sweater factory. More info here.

6. Burner covers will increase valuable counter space. 

tiny house burner covers Photo: wanderingonwheels/Instagram

See more photos of this young couple’s super stylish tiny house here.

7. Own a tiny pooch? Build a dog house under the stairs.

tiny house dog house Photo: wanderingonwheels/Instagram

Adorable! Pet owners Brian and Sky built their traveling tiny house themselves. You can follow their blog here.

8. In a cramped kitchen, Lazy Susans are everything.

tiny homes lazy susans-compressed Photo:

You can buy this tiny house, known as the “loft edition,” from $53,000 CAD.

9. Hide a safe under the stairs by installing hinges.

tiny house safe-compressed Photo:

This 387 square foot solar powered tiny home is manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes.

10. An oversized mirror creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

tiny house mirror-compressed Photo: High Plains Tiny Homes/Facebook

See more photos of this 180 square foot tiny home here.

11. Sliding doors free up floor space.

tiny house sliding barn door-compressed Photo: Liberation Tiny Homes PA/Facebook

Check out more photos of this modern farmhouse style 24′ home here.

12. Open shelving will force you to edit your belongings.

tiny house open shelving-compressed Photo: Liberation Tiny Homes PA/Facebook

These shelves are made of reclaimed barn wood. More info on Liberation Tiny Homes here.

13. A round tub occupies fewer square feet.

tiny house bathtub-compressed Photo:

This 250 square foot custom cottage is currently for sale in Austin, Texas for $60,000. More listing photos here.

14. Skylights are a stylish way to bring natural light into your home.

tiny house skylight-compressed Photo:

Read more about Rebecca’s 168 square foot home on Salt Spring Island, B.C. here.

15. A tempered glass floor allows light to flow between stories.

tiny house glass floors closet-compressed Photo:

Because getting dressed in the dark is not an option. More interior photos here.

16. No room for a standard fridge? Go drawer-style.

tiny home drawer fridge Photo:

You can book a stay in this tiny shed, located in Boise, Idaho, on Airbnb.

17. An expandable table is a must-have for working or dining.

tiny house exapandable table Photo:

This tiny house is just minutes from downtown Olympia, Washington. Book your stay here.

18. Not a fan of lofts? Opt for a pull out bed.

tiny house pull out bed-compressed Photo:

It’s okay if you’re afraid of heights.

19. And finally, install LED light strips to brighten up a small bedroom.

track lighting-compressed Photo:

Essential when the skylights are covered over in the winter. Book a stay in this Draper, Utah tiny home here.

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