Toronto real estate startup space Photo: Umair Khan/Flickr

Earlier today urban studies expert Richard Florida went on a tear on Twitter, publishing a series of tweets revolving around venture capital investment and startups in Toronto.

Florida, who teaches at the University of Toronto’s Rotman school, called it a “mistake” to try to position Toronto as the “next Silicon Valley.” Rather than technology, he says Toronto’s startup strengths are “linked to finance, media, entertainment and creative industries and in particular real estate.”

He drew parallels to New York and London, cities with strong startup ecologies related to what Florida calls “local” industries, like digital media and fin-tech.

He also went on to explain that Toronto’s biggest asset in venture capital and startup activity is “its dense, vibrant urban structure that attracts and amasses diverse talent.”

It’s easy to see Florida’s comments about Toronto’s strength in real estate startups playing out on the ground in the city.

Toronto is home a large number of startups involved in various aspects of real estate. Companies like Ratehub, The Red Pin, Dealdocket, Casalova, Cordon Media (who are working on bringing e-signatures to real estate transactions), The Interactive Abode (who were recently acquired by Kitchener’s MiiCasa), MapYourProperty and, of course, BuzzBuzzHome have been building up Toronto’s reputation as a real estate startup hotspot for years.

Read through the full series of Florida’s tweets below:

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