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The construction industry may be a little slow to embrace new technology, but when something good comes along, it’s all hands on deck.

Just ask Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake. The co-founders of Bridgit, the company behind construction site management app Closeout, have racked up a long list of successes since launching their company in 2012. Most recently, Bridgit received $2.2 million in a seed round led by Hyde Park Venture Partners with participation from Vanedge Capital.

The money will be used to hire new engineers and salespeople, as well as to expand Bridgit’s US customer base — while the company’s app has so far been used by over 100 contractors, the Kitchener-based startup is keen to gain more of a presence south of the border.

“We’re excited to partner with Hyde Park and Vanedge so we can put Bridgit’s solutions into the hands of more people who need them,” said Brodie in a Wednesday press release.

Those solutions currently come in the form of the Closeout app, which can be used by both residential and commercial builders. The app’s main draw is that it allows project managers to easily assign and track different tasks, eliminating the cumbersome spreadsheets and hard-to-track sticky notes often used to oversee work at construction sites.

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User feedback has been positive. “As a contractor with 18 active locations, introducing Bridgit across our sites has completely streamlined our process,” Bob Strum of Compass Construction in Seattle said Wednesday.

And it’s not just workers who see the value in Closeout and Bridgit — the company won the first women’s edition of Google’s Demo Day this past December, beating out 450 applicants from 40 countries. The judges were impressed in particular by Bridgit’s traction and strong revenue growth — not surprising considering the company has consistently achieved double-digit revenue growth month-over-month.

After winning at Google’s Demo Day, Bridgit’s co-founders predicted that 2016 would be a good year for the company, and so far that seems to be proving true. As Brodie said, “as we talk to residential and commercial builders, it’s clear they are hungry for technology that lowers cost, simplifies processes and make it easier to get their jobs done.”

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