Listing: Cooper Jacobs

Summer is just around the corner and Seattle is heating up. When the temperature hits 75, Seattleites leave work early, cast off their business attire and head to the waterfront. Some sail away into the night with a bottle of red and some cheesy Jimmy Buffett blasting from the stereo. Others pretend the water isn’t still freezing and dive in head first. But if you own a houseboat, you just look out the window and smugly shake your head. Fools! Houseboat owners get a front-row seat on the water all year long! Why doesn’t everyone dwell on one of these little homes on the shore?

Seattle has hosted houseboats and floating homes on its glorious bodies of water for over a century. According to HistoryLink, the first houseboat residents in the early 1900s were unemployed laborers viewed as “squalid, lawless nests of anarchic outcasts, rowdy riff-raff, and the flotsam of society” by the upper classes. In the 1960s, the Lake Union houseboat community began renting properties, and the water dwellings became a popular hangout for creative types. Painters, folk and jazz musicians and college kids swarmed the docks — an amazing contrast to today, when a floating home on Lake Union can list for over $3 million.

Here are a few of the hot houseboats on the Seattle market right now.

2219 Fairview Avenue East #2


Listing: Cooper Jacobs

The lucky buyer of this $950,000 houseboat in Eastlake will enjoy vaulted ceilings, custom cabinets and even a fireplace. A rooftop with a 360-degree view keeps the party going all year long.

1213 East Shelby Street #12


Listing: Cooper Jacobs

You can read all the fine literature your heart desires in this one-bedroom Portage Bay retreat. French doors galore, it’s all yours for a cool $798,000.

2019 Fairview Avenue East #N


Listing: Cooper Jacobs

It’s like a cabin in the woods, but on the water! Cozy wood interiors, awesome views and more make this $785,000 South Lake Union houseboat the perfect place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a warm bowl of oatmeal.

1213 East Shelby Street #7


Listing: Cooper Jacobs

This is one peachy keen houseboat. Big windows for basking in the summer sun or watching the rain pitter patter all fall. Live the dream for $725,000.

So what are you waiting for? The on-land Seattle housing market is completely insane right now and you only live once. Start your summer on a wild houseboat adventure. You’re never too young to have a midlife crisis.

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