All white everything. Not recommended for people with pets, kids or a tendency to spill red wine.

1. This light-drenched bedroom with quirky accents.

bedroom-compressed (2) Photo: Reddit

2. This welcoming living room with wall-mounted shelving.

books-compressed Photo:

3. This cozy Swedish loft with a spiral staircase.

loft-compressed Photo: imgur

4. The natural wood of this open-concept kitchen.

natural wood-compressed Photo: imgur

5. This gigantic window in a Danish summer house.

window-compressed Photo:

6. The vintage-inspired dining room of this duplex apartment in Kungsholmen, Sweden.

vintage-inspired-compressed Photo: imgur

7. This incredibly intriguing kitchen backsplash.

fish kitchen-compressed Photo: imgur

8. The pops of color in this retro Copenhagen apartment.

pops of color-compressed Photo: imgur

9. The clean lines of this black and white kitchen. 

clean lines-compressed Photo:

10. The soft palette of this calming bedroom.

soft palette-compressed Photo:

11. This practical loft in a studio apartment.

loft studio-compressed Photo: tumblr

12. The exposed brick of this stunning eat-in kitchen.

exposed brick-compressed Photo: imgur

13. The sheer simplicity of this bedroom in a Stockholm apartment.

neutral bedroom-compressed Photo: imgur

14. This modern breakfast nook with ample storage.

nook-compressed Photo: houzz

15. This contemporary kitchen with matte grey cabinets. 

grey kitchen-compressed Photo:

16. The playful styling of this apartment in Kiev.

slide and hammock-compressed Photo:

17. This nightstand that’s anything but ordinary. 

bedside table-compressed-compressed Photo:

18. The expert layering of framed prints in this living room.

layered prints-compressed Photo: imgur

19. This carefully curated workspace.

office-compressed Photo:

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20. This minimally decorated wood and white bedroom. 

wood bedroom-compressed Photo: imgur

21. And finally, this cozy reading nook with a furry friend.

reading nook-compressed Photo:

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