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While the Hunchback of Notre Dame lived in a bell tower with a few gargoyles for friends, historic tower living in 21st century San Francisco is decidedly more luxurious. For the first time in 25 years, this unique, 3,000+ square foot penthouse in SoMa’s Clock Tower is on the open market for $8.5 million.

The two bedroom, two bath property includes a wraparound view deck, as well as the Clock Room. Warning: if you live here, you will have no excuse for being late to things. Ever. Living inside of a giant historic watch does come with responsibility.

The building’s six-story base was built in 1907, one year after the 1906 earthquake. In 1921, the Max Schmidt Lithography Company moved in and constructed the Clock Tower itself to be used as an artist’s loft for the lithographers. Fast forward to 1993 when architect David Baker and the McKenzie, Rose, and Halliday development firm transformed it to live/work condominiums. Now it is considered an official San Francisco landmark by The Landmarks Preservation Advisory board.

Three years ago The Wall Street Journal ran a video segment on the community living inside the 127 apartments underneath the clock tower. Reporter Nancy Keates described the residential space as an open courtyard with palm trees with a college feel of inclusivity. Eerily quiet, neighbors leave their doors open and throw an annual cocktail party. While there are not many children, the residents who do live there are typically successful artists, tech CEOs and  lawyers.

The Clock Tower was one of the first live work loft spaces in San Francisco.

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Photo: Rob Levy

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