Nestled between three mid-rise condo residences at ParkCity, there will be a sprawling two-acre park. This isn’t the only green feature at the Burlington community, which just hit the 75-per-cent sold mark for its current phase ahead of a new release this spring.

Once complete, the development from Ontario builder Tobyn Park Homes, currently in the pre-construction stage at Walkers Line and Upper Middle Road, will also boast green components of a different kind.

For starters, ParkCity will make use of geothermal technology to heat and cool it, as the season demands.

This system draws heat from beneath the earth’s surface, where temperatures are warmer, and also forces heat out of units and back into the ground to cool them when necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, no fossil fuels are burned in the process, so there are zero emissions — a step in line with Ontario’s climate change strategy — making it a green choice by reducing the community’s carbon footprint substantially.

And because the ground will supply energy indefinitely, geothermal is not only clean and natural but also highly sustainable.

Of course, thanks to the geothermal system, residents at ParkCity can say goodbye to natural gas bills, and as their suites will feature thicker exterior walls than the typical condo unit, even further savings on heating are expected.

Each suite’s econo-flow toilets, shower heads and fixtures, on the other hand, will help conserve water, and there are plans to use solar panels at ParkCity, though more details are not yet available.

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