NYC Manhattan Mountain Image: Vivid Maps

Central Park and East Village are valleys while the Chrysler Building is a ridge in this map that shows Manhattan’s cityscape — and part of Brooklyn and Queens — as a mountain.

The map was posted to Vivid Maps, a Russian site that bills itself as showcasing “maps that explain the world.”

Heights are color-coded and displayed in a legend on the bottom right of the map (in meters, but you’ll get the picture!).

The area surrounding One World Trade Center boasts the highest peaks while the rest of Lower Manhattan is obviously also quite dense. Navigate the map toward Midtown and you’ll encounter the Greenwich and East Valleys before beginning to hit the ridges of Avenue of the Americas and Park Avenue and the peaks of the Empire State Building and Bank of America.

It’s definitely a creative way to look at the city and we’d love to see more urban areas mapped out like this. Check out the full map from Vivid Maps below:

NYC Map Mountain Manhattan Image: Vivid Maps

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