A design proposal for a mixed-use, five-story, 19-unit apartment building with four live-work units on the corner of Bridge Way and Woodland Park Avenue North is up for review on April 11th. If approved, the existing structure on the site will be demolished to make way for the building, which features two contrasting facades on either side of the corner.

bridge-1 Rendering: KOArchitecture

The north facade along Bridge Way will have a “metallic or composite skin that is both protective, resistant to moss, rough texture, patterned, and low maintenance,” says KOArchitecture, the firm behind the design.

bridge-2 Rendering: KOArchitecture

The Woodland Park side will have a “pearly white body” that’s “reflective” and “full of light and glistening life,” says the firm.

bridge-3 Rendering: KOArchitecture

If approved, the lucky tenants will enjoy privacy and interesting views through unique narrow windows.

bridge-4 Rendering: KOArchitecture

Do you think this building would be a good fit for the neighborhood? Share your thoughts at the design review meeting April 11th, 2016, at 6:30pm in, room 209 at the University Heights Community Center at 5031 University Way Northeast.

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