Luxury real estate is on the rise in Seattle as our city economy continues to boom. If you’re a beneficiary of the boom, here are a few places where you can live large in the Pacific Northwest.

10. 5047 SW 97th St, West Seattle — $5,495,000


Only a select few Seattleites can claim to own their own private beach. For a little over $5 million, you can build sand castles all day long if you choose on this 5,940-square-foot beachfront property. Wash off the saltwater in your pool or one of your many giant bathtubs. The world is yours in this decadent West Seattle home.

9. 107 Dorffel Dr E, Seattle, Denny Blaine — $5,995,000


Inside this spectacular historic home from 1906, you’ll find a movie theatre, modern amenities and perhaps the very best view in the whole city. Your life will just be one non-stop BBQ with all the outdoor spaces to host 50-100 of your best friends.

8. 1644 Windermere Dr E, Madison Park — $6,150,000


Remodeled in 2009, you can now walk on a hand-planed, 200-year-old barn floor planked inside a $6-million home. Surrounded by cherry trees and a glorious backyard, this property is the perfect place to breed golden retrievers or hold an ultimate frisbee tournament. It even comes with a carriage house where you can store all your favorite lawn games.

7. 1201 7th Ave W, Queen Anne — $6,900,000


Your vacation to Tuscany was so romantic that you never wanted it to end. Move into this Mediterranean-style home and it never has too. What the property lacks in renaissance art and mineral spas it more than makes up for in views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.

6. 3002 Fuhrman Ave E, Portage Bay — $7,368,000


This high-tech glass castle is a modern marvel. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows on both floors ensure you will never need lights on during the day. It even comes with a giant “yacht-ready” dock for your favorite yacht. Go ahead and just scuttle the others.

5. 1000 14th Ave E, Capitol Hill — $7,980,000


If you weren’t sure where you were going to store your caretaker, this 1914 stately mansion in Capitol Hill has its own caretaker quarters. Have a ball in your ballroom and stay extra clean in all of your seven bathrooms.

4. 5525 S Othello St, Seward Park — $7,980,000


3. 1000 1st Ave, Central Business District — $9,990,000


This 6,758-square-foot penthouse in the heart of downtown has views for miles. Amenities include concierge, room service, valet parking, housekeeping, fitness studio and spa. You know, basic necessities for the modern Seattleite.

2. 4939 NE Laurelcrest Ln, Laurelhurst — $10,400,000


Always dreamt of basking in the majesty of Mount Rainier on a daily basis? Well, for just a little over $10 million, you can enjoy the view from your private backyard pool all summer long. If mountains aren’t really your thing, there’s always the sauna or one of the six bedrooms where you can lounge the day away instead.

1. 4911 NE Laurelcrest Ln, Laurelhurst — $11,250,000


Coming in at number one is this 11,809-square-foot, seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom gem in the lovely neighborhood of Laurelhurst. Park your car in one of this home’s five garages, grab a bottle from the wine cellar and relax in a jetted hot tub overlooking your extravagant dock on Lake Washington.

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