Because spring/summer is upon us and your basic barbecue simply won’t do.

A picnic table with a built-in beer cooler.

picnic table beer cooler outdoor kitchenPhoto: modernkitchenset

And another beverage cooler within arm’s reach of the cook.

barbecue drink cooler backyard kitchenPhoto: Pinterest

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Put a handsome cover on it.

outdoor kitchen beer coolerPhotos: HouseBeautiful

Or a simple beer fridge will do.

outdoor kitchen beer fridgePhoto: gowales

Build a DIY wine rack using wood pallets.

outdoor kitchen diy wine rackPhoto: Pinterest

Instructions here.

Two barbecues are better than one.

double barbecue outdoor kitchenPhoto:

You’ll also need a wood-fire oven.

wood-fire oven outdoor kitchenPhoto: freshhome

And a dishwasher of course.

outdoor kitchen dishwasherPhoto: kitchendesigns

Lounge seating.

outdoor kitchen lounge seatingPhoto: cukni

And a classy landscaped dining area.

outdoor kitchen dining areaPhoto: Pinterest

A chalkboard wall so your guests know what’s on the menu.

outdoor kitchen chalkboard wallPhotos: thehorticult

A full bar beside the pool.

backyard kitchen barPhoto: Zillow

Or right in the pool.

outdoor kitchen pool barPhoto: onespecialty

Here too.

outdoor kitchen pool barPhoto: bravacasa

Mood lighting.

outdoor kitchen lightingoutdoor kitchen lighting 2Photos: azuro

A fireplace.

outdoor kitchen fireplacePhoto: imgur

A waterfall.

outdoor kitchen waterfall 2Photo: midstatepools

Or maybe something a little more understated.

outdoor kitchen waterfall 1Photo: midstatepools

May as well throw a TV in there too.

outdoor kitchen TV 1Photo: Pinterest

But make it a hidden TV so it can be shielded from the elements.

hidden-tvPhotos: TVlift

Order one here.

And finally, a retractable wall for those days when you want to take your outdoor kitchen inside.

kitchen-wallPhoto: imgur

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