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When it comes to rental prices, Oakland and San Jose are neck and neck. In February, the two Bay Area heavyweights were tied for fourth most expensive city in the US to rent a one-bedroom apartment, according to Zumper’s National Rent Report. The median one-bedroom rental price in both cities was $2,250.

The cities have been swapping places on Zumper’s list over the past few months. In December, Oakland’s median one-bedroom rental price was $2,210 while San Jose’s was $2,200. In January, the cities flipped, with San Jose priced at $2,210 and Oakland at $2,200.

Bay Area Rental Market 2 Chart: Zumper

The nation has watched Oakland’s median rent for a one-bedroom rise a staggering 13.6 percent year-over-year in February. Not to be beat, San Jose’s has skyrocketed 18.4 percent year-over-year. For comparison, San Francisco inched up 3.8 percent year-over-year in February, but remains indisputably the most expensive city in the US with a median one-bedroom rent of $3,590.

The difference in Oakland and San Jose’s median two-bedroom rent was less stark when it came to year-over-year change. A two-bedroom in Oakland was up 18.9 percent over the same time last year, hitting $2,700. San Jose two-bedroom rent was up 19.7 percent year-over-year at $2,850.

Bay Area Rental Market 1 Image: Zumper

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