New York Street Names Photo: Alan Turkus/Flickr

Periodically, New York City co-names public spaces and thoroughfares, often to promote community events or to commemorate momentous occasions or citizens.

This year, Mayor de Blasio renamed over 40 public areas across the five boroughs, many of them for heartbreaking and uplifting reasons. Here are three that are sticking with us:

Detective First Grade Randolph Holder Way

A five-year veteran of the NYPD known as a kind-hearted music lover, Randolph Holder immigrated to New York City from Guiana 12 years ago. De Blasio says Holder “embodied the American dream,” serving with great distinction. The city mourned Holder’s death last October, killed while on patrol in East Harlem. His death brought calls to reform bail practices in the case of violent offenders. His name will now be recognized at the intersection of Grand Concourse and East 183rd Street in the Bronx, near his childhood home.

FDNY Captain John R. Graziano Way

Captain John R. Graziano of the FDNY was a 26-year veteran of the FDNY who died last year from 9/11-related illness.

He is now one of 110 FDNY members listed on the World Trade Center Memorial Wall at FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn. The intersection of Getz Avenue and Katan Avenue on Staten Island is now co-named in his honor.

Captain James McDonnell Way

Captain James McDonnell lost his life saving two of his fellow firefighters from a collapse, after a twenty-year career.” Captain John Graziano was taken from us as a result of his selfless work in the rescue and recovery effort at the World Trade Center,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro, calling him a “true hero.” McDonnell will be honored at the intersection of East 152nd Street and Prospect Avenue.

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