Fake it ’til you make it.

1. Coat any and all flat surfaces in marble contact paper.

marble contact paper-compressed Photo: sylandsam.com

Check out the tutorial here.

2. Use metallic spray paint to give new life to a dull or dated lighting fixture.

copper pendant-compressed Photo: kristimurphy.com

Detailed instructions here.

3. Accent wooden shelves with upcycled leather belts.

leather shelves-compressed Photo: heywandererblog.com

So dapper! DIY here.

4. Create faux built-in bookcases using crown moulding. 

IKEA-Billy-Hack-compressed Photo: southernrevivals.com

Get the how-to here.

5. Paint dip serving ware, chair legs, thrift store art, vases and more.

paint dipped spoons-min Photo: likeasaturday.com

Super easy tutorial here.

6. Transform an ordinary cabinet into a vintage-inspired library card catalog.

cabinet to card catalog-compressed Photo: curbalertblog.com

Instructions here.

7. Sew smaller rugs together to make a stylish area rug. 

rugs sewn together-compressed Photo: housemixblog.com

You’ll save so much money. Tutorial here.

8. Decorate everyday items with washi tape.

washi tape-compressed Photo: smittenonpaper.com

DIY and washi tape for sale here.

9. Apply gold leaf to plant pots, vases, coasters or votives.

gold leaf pots-compressed Photo: lindsaylettersblogs.com

Learn how to gild everything you own here.

10. Replace or repaint hardware.

hand-picked-bow-knob-compressed Photo: landofnod.com

You can buy these bow shaped gold metal knobs for $8.95 each online at The Land of Nod.

11. Dress up mirrors, windows and furniture with O’verlays.

overlays mirror-compressed Photo: thehoneycombhome.com

A total ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ business idea. Check out the before and after here.

12. Afraid of commitment? Use wall decals or removable wallpaper.

removable wallpaper-compressed Photo: etsy.com

You can buy this removable cactus wallpaper from the LivettesKIDS Etsy shop. 

13. Give your furniture a distressed look using petroleum jelly.

Vaseline-Disstressing-Technique-compressed Photo: salvagedinspirations.com

Easier than it looks! Get the tutorial here.

14. Make your IKEA furniture pop with a new set of legs.

prettypegs-compressed Photo: prettypegs.com

Prettypegs offers furniture legs for various furniture brands, including IKEA.

15. Use Stikwood to easily transform an accent wall, fireplace, kitchen island, headboard or bookshelf.

stikwood headboard-min Photo: thisisourforest.com

Stikwood is the world’s first Peel & Stik reclaimed and sustainable wood planking — you can buy their products here and check out the headboard tutorial here.

16. Reupholster a worn-out or dated piece of furniture.

upholstered-stool-min Photo: aliceandlois.com

So fresh! Detailed instructions here.

17. Marble-dip boring ceramics using nail polish and water. 

closeup-compressed-1 Photo: James Bombales

Check out our very own DIY video here.

18. Fancify a plastic trash can using rope and hot glue.

rope trash can-min Photo: makinglemonadeblog.com

A $1.99 plastic trash can from IKEA gets a whole new look. Tutorial here.

19. Give clear glass bottles a colorful, frosted look.

seaglass tutorial-min Photo: homedeco50.wordpress.com

Made from materials you probably have at home. Instructions here.

20. Add playful patterns to throw pillows, dish towels, curtains or blankets using potato stamps and fabric paint.

potato stamp-min Photo: brittanymakes.com

That’s one hot potato. Tutorial here.

21. Use hot glue to attach pom pom trim to curtains, duvet covers, pillows and more.

pom pom trim curtains-min Photo: chrislovesjulia.com

No-sew instructions here.

22. Macramé your way to hanging houseplants.

mini macrame planter Photo: cloveranddot.com

So cute! Tutorial here.

23. And finally, use wallpaper in unexpected places.

bookcase-makeover-min Photo: erinspain.com

This DIYer used removable wallpaper from Wallternatives. How-to guide here.

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