Tweets San Francisco Landmarks-compressed Photo: Zac Bowling/Flickr

This past week, BART’s tweeting drew national attention, and for good reason. The tweets on March 16th, that came following a section of BART’s East Bay service shut down for several days disrupting thousands of commuters journeys home, were honest, human and shockingly genuine. CNN International covered it. The Guardian got in on the commentary. The Los Angeles Times even had this fist-pumping headline.

However, @SFBART isn’t the first San Francisco Twitter account to take on human-like qualities. Check out the inner dialogue of some of the most self-aware and wry landmarks of San Francisco below:

1. Raise that $4 latte to Four Barrel and The Mill

2. Forecast: Karl the Fog nowhere to be seen

3. Or take engagement photos to the next level like this San Francisco local


4. When the waves of San Francisco find the perfect metaphor

5. Even BART needs somebody to love


6. Sometimes you have to let go in order to get stronger

7. Will the real Bay Bridge please stand up



9. Except everyone chooses Valencia


10. BFFs, at least until next year

11. Why you purposefully have out-of-towners visit on Tuesdays


12. For full effect, stand near the tsunami warning signs & look terrified

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