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Twenty-nine years after the premiere of Full House, Fuller House is released into our Netflix streams. Stephanie Tanner is now world-famous “DJ Tanner” who performs at Coachella, Michelle Tanner (played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) is explained out of the show as a New York fashion mogul who is too busy to visit, and at 52, John Stamos is still a stone-cold fox.

Despite the series’ extreme campiness, something wonderful has come of this. AJ+, the online news and current events channel created by Al Jazeera Media Network, shot a parody video of the Full House opening theme.

“Fuller House In The Real San Francisco” stars Rising Home Prices, Renters, Artists, Gentrification, and The Middle Class. It begins by comparing how much the actual “Full House” sold for in 1990, $725,000, to what it was worth in 2015, $3.1 million — which amounts to a 427 percent increase in value.

Then it shows a renter exacerbated by the difference in median rent for a two-bedroom in 1990 compared to 2015 — $975 versus $4,700, which works out to a 482 percent increase.

Expanding on the theme in the video, we did a bit of researched and discovered that San Francisco’s minimum hourly wage in 1990 was $4.25. In 2015 it was $12.25, an increase of only 288 percent.

The video also claims “70 percent of artists say they’ve been displaced from workspace or home.” It would be pertinent to find out where this data came from, whether it was a personally funded cross-sectional study or from an outside source. Regardless, the great migration of San Francisco’s creative folk to the slightly more affordable neighboring city of Oakland has been undeniable.

The best part? The video ends by saying it was “Created by Bad Housing Policies, Tech Boom, and $4 Toast.”

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