steam egg 1 Photos: Michael Parker

Just when you think you’ve seen the strangest art exhibit or installation there is to see, San Francisco throws a curveball, or in this case, a mirrored egg.

Steam Work is a sensorial sculpture created by Michael Parker with the idea that participants can relax in the center, “Steam Egg 2,” after crawling through an opening in the bottom. The fully-functional sauna is made from 115 pieces of foam insulation.

steam egg 3 steam egg 4

According to an interview with Architects Newspaper, the inspiration for the piece came after Parker visited “a Shaker colony in Maine, an experimental township in India, and the sauna culture of Berlin. His experiences and research focused on ideas of utopias, enclaves, and maternal figures in spirituality.”

The exhibit runs through March 19 at Southern Exposure in the Mission and is available for public interaction from 5pm to 8pm Saturday through Thursday. According to Southern Exposure’s description of the exhibit, the egg includes “suspended cascading cold rinse pools, wet and messy seating, and redwood and ceramic hydration stations built by the artist.”

Every Saturday evening during the show’s run there will be a specially curated sound program called Steam and Sound Nights. Those nights will include DJs, sound artists and something called HerbJs, which is a cultural term so hip it doesn’t exist on the Internet aside outside this event. Participants include Ashley Bellouin, Alyse Emdur, Wesley Hicks, Laura Steenberge, and SYRNX.

steam egg 2

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