Say goodbye to winter and hello to outdoor entertaining.

Assemble a cozy outdoor theater.

backyard diy outdoor theaterPhoto: imgur

Instructions for a DIY projection screen.

Dig a hole and bury the trampoline.

sunken trampoline backyardPhoto: Sunken Trampoline

Transform the backyard shed into a bar.

backyard shed barPhoto: imgur

Or a chill spot.

backyard shed loungePhoto: imgur

Build yourself a pallet table with a built-in flower bed.

backyard pallet tablePhoto:

Instructions here.

Or a picnic table with a built-in beer cooler.

picnic table beer coolerPhoto: Home Depot

DIY tutorial here.

If you need more table space, install a fold-out table along the fence.

backyard fence table 1backyard fence table 2Photos: Sensibly Sara

How-to guide.

Make your garden glow with rope lighting.

garden rope lightingPhotos: the11best

For another whimsical effect, drill holes in your fence and fill them with marbles. They’ll shine in the sun.

marble fence daylightPhoto: creatingreallyawesomefreethings

How it’s done.

Live far from water? Build your own backyard beach.

backyard beachPhoto: Pinterest

Learn how it’s done here.

With a stone fire pit.

DIY fire pit backyardPhotos:

Step-by-step guide this way.

DIY a swing bench or bed using pallets.

pallet swing backyardPhotos: The Merry Thought

DIY instructions.

Or you could simply turn an old broken chair into a swing.

swing chair backyardPhotos:

It’s easy.

Convert a portion of your lawn into a putting green.

backyard putting greenPhoto: Little Bit Funky

How it’s done.

Dig yourself a stream.

Diy backyard streamPhoto: Liaigre

Give your kids another reason to play outside with a chalkboard fence.

outdoor chalkboardPhoto: heytherehome

Here’s how to make your’s look as good as the one above.

Build your own rock-climbing wall.

DIY rock-climbing wall backyardPhoto: DIYNetwork


And giant game of Scrabble.

backyard scrabble diyPhoto: betterhomesandgardens

Learn how here.

And the ultimate slip and slide.

backyard-slip-and-slidePhoto: imgur

All you need is a couple hundred yards of industrial plastic sheeting, dish soap and a hose.

And of course you’ll want a tree house. Erect something really simple.

diy backyard tree housePhoto: ApartmentTherapy

How-to over at Apartment Therapy.

Or go all-out.

luxury tree housePhoto: imgur

More amazing tree house designs right here.

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