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The Seattle rental market rebounded in January from recent declines. While rents are down 3.5 percent for the quarter, prices rose 3.1 percent last month compared to December 2015, reports Zumper.

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Seattle held steady as the tenth most expensive rental market in the country. Median rent for a one-bedroom in Seattle last month was $1,650 while the two-bedroom median was $2,330. Here’s what a $2,300 two-bedroom looks like in Seattle:

seattle-rent-2 215 Dexter Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109. Listing: Dexter Lake Union

If you need some perspective to regain your unconditional love for the Emerald City, the median rent for a one-bedroom in San Francisco was $3,500 in January and $3,220 in New York. Yikes!

seattle-rent-3 Graphic: Zumper

Wichita, KS still has the cheapest rent of any city in the US at $450 for a one-bedroom. Prices dropped 2.2 percent in January, and are down 8.2 percent in the past year. Here’s what a $450 one bedroom looks like in Wichita:

seattle-rent-4 Village Park at Barclay Square. Listing: Zillow

Some fun facts about Wichita. Dan and Frank Carney opened the first ever Pizza Hut in Wichita in 1958. It’s illegal to serve cherry pie a la mode on Sundays in Wichita. We actually have Wichita to thank for Seattle’s Great Wheel which was designed by Wichita’s Chance Rides.

Thanks Wichita!

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