noise complaint map Photo: Carto DB

Midtown West is a growing noise complaint hotspot while central Brooklyn is also emerging as one of New York’s noisier areas, according to a new map that displays the frequency and location of the city’s noise complaints.

Analysts at Carto DB created the pulsating noise complaint map using data from 2009 to present. Using Open Data from 311 and census tracts, the map pulses red for areas with the highest density of complaints.

Not surprisingly, we see complaint hotspots growing in Midtown West and Lower Manhattan as time goes on — likely tied to booming construction and commercial activity. Manhattan overall had the most complaints per tract, while central Brooklyn is getting noisier.

The nature of the complaints varied in different areas of the city. The most common call to 311 in Harlem and Inwood was for music/loud partying. On the other hand, complaints about before/after hours construction were more frequent on the Upper East Side and in Lower Manhattan.

On average 311 receives 50,000 calls a day, about 18 million a year. Thousands of noise complaints are recorded along with other issues like street lighting and illegal parking to “calorie labeling” and “illegal animals.”

Noise consulting is becoming a more prominent business in New York City as quiet emerges as a new luxury item. The City of New York currently lists over 60 officially approved noise consultants related specifically to commercial music mitigation. Qualifications to become an approved noise consultant include some combination of state-issued engineering license, years of experience measuring sound levels with ANSI standards, and/or a Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree.

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