“Only the rich can afford this much nothing.” — The New Yorker.

This barren living room.

minimalist Photo: imgur

This chill lounge overlooking the ocean.

minimalist room Photo: idesign

Here too.

minimalist interior design Photo: imgur

Part of Patkau Architects’ Trula House on Quadra Island, British Columbia.

This entertainment room with a hidden TV.

minimalist living room 2 Photo: imgur

This seriously open-concept living space.

minimalist Photo: imgur

This totally chill bedroom.

minimalist Photo: imgur

And this warm wooden room.

minimalist bedroom design Photo: imgur

This glorious living room in a converted church.

church conversion minimalism Photo: Zecc Architecten

Or this kitchen.

kitchen minimalist Photo: Zecc Architecten

Or this kitchen and dining area in a home that was once a horse stable.

minimalist dining room minimalist kitchen 1 minimalist kitchen 2 Photos: AR Design Studios

This built-in closet made of plywood.

minimalist closet Photo: imgur

This cave bedroom with a picturesque view.

cave bedroom minimalism cave bedroom minimalist Photos: Ensamble Studio

Ensamble Studio’s Truffle house is located on the Spanish Galician coast.

This kitchen in an English beach house.

minimalist kitchen Photo: archello

This bathroom in the Hollywood Hills.

minimalist bathroom Photo: imgur

From the home of movie director Michael Bay, apparently.

This retro living space in avocado green.

minimalist open-concept house Photo: idesignarch

This bedroom with a suspended sleeping nook.

minimalist bedroom Photo: imgur

This solid bathroom.

minimalist bathroom Photo: imgur

This gorgeous bedroom with a gorgeous ocean view.

minimalism bedroom design Photo: imgur

This sunken concrete kitchen.

concrete kitchen minimalism Photo: imgur

This eating area with brick walls and impossibly tall ceilings.

minimalism exposed brick Photo: imgur

This clinical coastal living room.

minimalist home Photo: MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Part of Nova Scotia’s Sunset Rock House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

This cozy winter cabin.

minimalist cabin Photo: imgur

You’re looking at La Muna, the award-winning Aspen home of architect Chad Oppenheim.

And finally, this futuristic penthouse in Australia’s Bondi Beach.

minimalism interior design Photos: MHNDU

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