The next big Powerball prize is yours.

Install a retractable car platform in your living room.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

And buy a Lamborghini too of course.

Build a custom seaside garage/boat launch for your personal yacht.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

Bring the outdoors in with an indoor waterfall.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

Update the master bathroom with dual showers that gaze upon a stone fireplace.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

And build another fireplace next to the bathtub.

bathtub fireplace Photo: imgur

Also an option.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

And then install a series of skylights.

if i won the lottery Photo: imgur

Add a second level to your walk-in closet.

two-story-bedroom-closet Photo: Pinterest

The sliding patio door is so passé, up your game with folding glass doors.

folding glass doors Photo: imgur

In the bedroom too.

folding glass doors 2 Photo: imgur

And the bathroom.

folding glass doors bathroom Photo: imgur

Get a kitchen island with built-in seating.

kitchen-island-built-in-seating Photo: Ateliers Jacob

Combine your home theater and indoor pool into one glorious amenity room.

home theater pool Photo: imgur

And build a fire pit in your outdoor pool.

if i win the lottery Photo: pictures-of-luxury/Tumblr

And a swim-up bar.

swim up bar pool Photo: bravacasa

Appear smart with a sunken reading room.

sunken reading room Photo: imgur

And a loft library.

loft library Photo: imgur

Open your living room to the outdoors.

open-air living room Photo: imgur

And build an outdoor shower.

if i win the lottery Photo: HGTV

Turn the space under your stairs into a temperature-controlled wine closet.

wine cabinet Photo: scarlettis

Protect the house with a moat.

house moat Photo: Guz Architects

And install windows in the basement so you can stare out into your underwater oasis.

if i won the lottery if i win the lottery Photos: Guz Architects

You should probably do these last two projects in reverse.

Convert an entire wing of the house into a full-size basketball court.

indoor sports court Photo: imgur

Extend your living space with a glass-encased dining nook.

glass dining room 2 glass dining room Photos: Splyce Design

Install a retractable glass roof over your home office.

if i win the lottery Photo: imgur

Or go for a minimalist workspace in the attic.

attic workspace Photo: imgur

Balconies are cool. But you know what’s even better? A suspended solarium with rooftop access.

if i win the lottery if i won the lottery Photos: Andrew Franz Architect

Remodel your basement as a lounge bar.

basement bar Photo: imgur

And then build an underground wine mine like the one in this Colorado mansion.

if i won the lottery Photo: Zillow

Purchased by Oprah in 2015 for $14 million.

Put up a climbing wall in the kids’ bedroom.

indoor climbing wall Photo: Linc Thelen Design

And a slide to the living room.

indoor slide Photo: Turett Collaborative Architects

And finally, build yourself a secret study behind a hidden passageway.

hidden-den Photos: Creative Home Engineering

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