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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who groan at the sight of a stuffed teddy bear or a pharmacy-bought box of chocolates, and those who embrace the sappiness of the 14th with extravagant dinner plans (oysters, anyone?) and hand-lettered cards. For those who belong to latter group, we’ve rounded up seven Valentine’s Day decor items to gift to a loved one…or, you know, yourself.

1. 4040 Locust Arrows Doormat from Urban Outfitters, $40

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If you’re not into the whole red hearts and doilies look, decorating with arrows is a subtle way to shoot for romance. Place it at your doorstep during the month of February to make a festive first impression and wipe the snow and muck off your boots.

2. Human heart print from Etsy, $14 – $18

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Show them your heart with a literal representation of it. These prints are foiled by hand and are available in gold, pink, copper and silver.

3. Trinket tray from Waiting on Martha, $18

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Commemorate the time on Mad Men when Megan made Don extremely uncomfortable at his own birthday party by singing and dancing to this 60s hit. This delicate tray can be placed on a bedside table as a catch-all for jewelry and bobby pins.

4. Spring’s Eden candle from Anthropologie, $20

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Pretty pastels meet notes of dewy peach, red currant, lemon zest and pink freesia. There are also hints of blue cyclamen, white magnolia, woody fig and sheer soft musk in this candle from Anthropologie. Trust us, it smells as good as it looks.

5. Arrow ring holder from CB2, $9.95

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Never misplace your stackable rings again! This ring holder does double duty as a decor accent and jewelry organizer.

6. Matchbook from Lulu & Georgia, $6

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Keep the spark alive with a colorful matchbook. The smooch-inducing salutation and pink match heads would make for a fun hostess gift at your upcoming Palentine’s Day party.

7. Throw pillow from Society6, $20

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Not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Show your disdain for the commercialized holiday with this throw pillow case from Society6. The cartoonish conversation hearts read like reactions to a cringe-worthy message on OkCupid.

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