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When LimeLite Development purchased a Sammamish property outside of Seattle last year, they were unaware of its historic past. On the outside, the house at 21430 SE 24th was obscured by overgrown bushes and inside the drywall was rotted with moisture. The property was in such a disheveled state that neighbors weren’t even sure if a home remained back there behind all that rubbish.

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Once the remodel began, the developers learned of its mystical past. As LimeLite told the Seattle PI, what began as a remodel turned into a restoration and then a preservation project. Turns out, the home was originally designed by Milton Stricker, an acclaimed architect who apprenticed under famous 20th century architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951. The influence of Wright’s design is evident in the flat roof, open floor plan and exposed brick walls of the home. Stricker grew up in Wisconsin during the Depression. He was abandoned by his parents and raised by his poor German-speaking grandparents.

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He worked at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard during the war, then studied architecture at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Disillusioned, he dropped out in his last year and drove uninvited to Wright’s winter compound in Arizona. Wright initially told him to go away, but when he learned of Stricker’s difficult upbringing, he offered him the Wright Fellowship, tuition free. Stricker opened his own office in 1962, practicing in Seattle, the Northwest and Alaska.

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Stricker designed the Sammamish home was in 1965. It took LimeLite only five months to fix-up. The developers restored the original red concrete floors, updated all of the appliances, and took out a kitchen wall. They aimed to maintain the integrity of the original design while bringing its amenities up to modern standards.

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The 1,820 square-foot home has three bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms and includes a carport. The property is listed for $879,000. For the full listing, click here.

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