Want to brighten up a boring wall? We created this trendy wall hanging in 30 minutes, and it only cost $6.50. You’ll need four colors of yarn, a branch, tape measure, scissors and a piece of string to hang your creation. It’s a simple and affordable way to refresh your home for spring.

Video and photography: James Bombales

Producer and editor: Kelsey Pudloski

hands yarn wall art Materials:

– 4 balls of yarn

– branch or wooden dowel

– scissors

– tape measure

– thick piece of string


1. Measure and cut yarn into 40″ pieces. The amount you will need depends on the size of the branch.

2. Arrange the yarn into your desired pattern.

3. Fold your first piece of yarn in half, place it over the top of the branch and pull the two ends through. Continue until you’ve covered the branch almost entirely, leaving about a half inch of space on either end.

4. Tie a thick piece of string to both ends of the branch. You will use this to hang your yarn art, so make sure it’s durable.

5. Tape down the yarn to outline your desired shape — we chose a chevron for our design.

6. Cut along the edges of the tape. It’s okay if your cuts are a little messy!

7. Hang your yarn art from a nail or pushpin and trim any imperfections.

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