bay bridge bike path -1 Rendering: Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Cyclists rejoice! Or, at the very least, prepare to celebrate in about 10 years. Engineering firm Arup has revealed their plans for a 2.9-mile structure crossing Yerba Buena Island to San Francisco.

The plans make a cycling route from Oakland to San Francisco possible, with projected estimations of as many as 10,000 cyclists a day riding the route.

The seven-mile trek for commuters and exercise enthusiasts will take approximately 44 minutes to bike across and two hours and 25 minutes for pedestrians, according to Arup.

Some of the biggest hurtles for the path’s successful construction will be reducing the cost to below $300 million and figuring out where the path should drop down into San Francisco. There are currently six options for the city’s entrance including Essex Street, the Embarcadero, or a Caltrans paint yard.

At a public meeting conducted by the Bay Area Toll Authority and Arup, as reported by Richmond Confidential, lead bridge designer Rafael Manzanarez spoke at length about the engineering problems that lay ahead, including attaching the main span of the bike path to the Bay Bridge. New steel cannot easily be welded onto old, and so parts of the old bridge must be taken down while new parts are added by joining bolts and plates to replace existing rivets.

bay bridge bike path -2 Graphic: Metropolitan Transportation Commission

It will be a feat of city planning and engineering ingenuity, but we cannot wait to zoom across the Bay Bridge on a 10-speed.

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