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Happy belated Twin Peaks Day! The time of the year when we fondly remember the fictional death of Washington high schooler Laura Palmer and the arrival of federal agent Dale Cooper to our great, weird, state. Here are five memorable locations from the cult-classic David Lynch series set in Washington.

Laura Palmer’s House

The fictional living room where BOB terrifies us all, the dining room, kitchen and Laura Palmer’s bedroom are all inside a home in Everett. The house was up for sale to a new owner in 2014. Twin Peaks fans launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn the house into a museum and tourist destination for lovers of surreal, demon dramatic comedies set in Washington state. The home has a large basement which many speculated would make an excellent Red Room for evil spirits and The Giant to stay when they come to town. But alas, the funds were not raised and the home went to someone else.

twin-peaks-1 Laura Palmer’s house. Photo: Estately

The Great Northern Hotel

The Great Northern Hotel on White Falls where Dale Cooper stayed for much of his time in Washington is actually the Salish Lodge and Spa on the Snoqualmie Falls. The waterfall is almost as beautiful as the fall of maple syrup they pour on your pancakes when you’ve decided that a spectacular breakfast experience merits mortgaging your house (really though, sometimes it does). The interiors of the Great Northern Hotel were actually shot at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, Washington.

twin-peaks-2 Salish Lodge and Spa, Snoqualmie. Photo: Salish Lodge & Spa

The Double R Diner

The scenes for the diner were filmed at Twede’s Cafe, located in North Bend, Washington. There’s a big sign out front that boasts of being the “Home of ‘Twin Peaks’ cherry pie,” but there are better things on the menu. Like eggs and a “Damn fine cup o’ coffee!” Go there for a visit and bring your best eerie jazz music dance moves.

twin-peaks-3 Twede’s Cafe. Photo: Alison D/Flickr

Ronette’s Bridge

Laura’s classmate Ronette Pulaski is discovered wandering half-naked across this bridge after having been attacked in the pilot episode. She’s actually crossing the Snoqualmie River on the Reinig Bridge, which was mysteriously set on fire in 2014. It was originally a railroad trestle bridge but has been paved over and is now used by walkers and bikers as part of the Washington trail system.

twin-peaks-4 Reinig Bridge. Photo: Alison D/Flickr

The Roadhouse

The headquarters for the Bookhouse Boys, the secret fraternal society combating evil surrounding Twin Peaks can be found in Fall City, WA at the Fall City Road House and Inn. Formerly The Riverside Tavern and The Colonial Inn, this institution for fictional vigilante justice has been around since 1916. Go find something very, very strange in these old woods for yourself.

twin-peaks-5 Fall City Road House & Inn. Photo: Fall City Road House & Inn

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