New Yorkers who live along heavily-trafficked helicopter routes will get some much-needed relief from the constant din of tourism helicopters above them.

This is thanks to a new agreement between the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the Helicopter Tourism and Jobs Council (HTJC). The plan is to reduce the number of tourism helicopters in the city by 50 percent, while preserving the industry with new technology and systems to reduce their impact on resident quality of life.

While most are cheering the change, it will also mean a reduction in some of the beautiful aerial photography from helicopters. Have a look at some of our favorite photos taken over the past few years:

1. The city that never sleeps

NYC helicopters 3 Photo: Anthony Quitano/Flickr

2. Storm brewing

NYC helicopters 1 Photo: nosha/Flickr

3. Waterfront development

NYC helicopters 2 Photo: Chris Sampson/Flickr

4. Emergency response after Hurricane Sandy

NYC helicopters 5 Photo: DVIDSHUB/Flickr

5. George Washington Bridge

NYC helicopter 4 Photo: Chris Sampson/Flickr

6. A rainbow over the Big Apple

NYC helicopters 6 Photo: gt8073a/Flickr

7. MetLife Stadium in anticipation of Super Bowl XLVIII

NYC helicopters 7 Photo: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

8. A Midtown panorama

helicopters 8 Photo: Phil Dolby/Flickr

9. Never forget; a 9/11 tribute

helicopters 10 Photo: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

10. One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty

helicopters 9 Photo: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

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