When designing the interior spaces of ParkCity, a four-storey 165-unit condo development in Burlington from Tobyn Park Homes, design firm UNION31 sought to include elements often found inside buildings in larger city centres.

“We wanted to bring an urban sensibility to a suburban setting, but we didn’t want to make it so that it wasn’t approachable,” says Kelly Cray, one of UNION31’s principals, in a video.

To strike this balance with the lobby, amenity spaces and model suite, UNION31 — which has taken on large-scale projects in Toronto previously — juxtaposes textural finishes “with a lot of polish and sleek materials,” Cray explains.

This approach plays off the condo community’s exterior treatment, which features both rustic red brick and smooth charcoal and glass finishes. “We wanted to create spaces that were reflective of the contemporary lines in the architecture,” says Cray of ParkCity’s interior design.

Another goal was to create environments that afford residents the most flexibility possible. “The idea was to achieve as much space as we could in the model suite,” Cray continues.

One way this was done was by making use of an open linear kitchen, which places the oven, dishwasher, sink — all the essentials — along one wall. “This allowed us to keep the floor space open as much as possible,” Cray explains. It also made the way for an adjacent dining area. “That really allowed us to maximize the living space rather than having a dining table within the living space.”

These space-saving design techniques show through in a number of ParkCity floorplans, including the capacious two-bedroom Eaton Square layout, which BuzzBuzzHome News recently featured.

Construction on ParkCity is set to begin this year and is expected to be complete in November 2017.

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