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Paragon Real Estate has compiled a series of year-end charts for San Francisco illustrating note-worthy 2015 housing stats. We sifted through the lot and came up with a few of the more interesting ones, including the one below detailing the average house size by neighborhood.

san franciscio housing chart 3

The two neighborhoods with the highest square footage, Pacific & Presidio Heights and Sea Cliff, are typically more affluent and hug the coastline just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s more room to spread out since they’re across the city from downtown. The two with the lowest, Bernal Heights and the Excelsior & Portola, are just south of the Mission neighborhood. They’re filled with families, aspiring artists, and some of the best taquerias that you’ll find off the beaten path.

San Francisco building trends over the past 100-plus years

All of the construction work downtown, especially in the SOMA, has resulted in a huge influx of new condos. It looks like the rise of building condos over traditional homes will continue into 2016.

san franciscio housing chart

Most common condo amenities in 2015

Speaking of condos, here are the most common amenities included in those 2015 transactions, according to Paragon’s data. While a door person keeps out immediate danger, it probably would be wiser if more condo owners invested in Quake Insurance.

san franciscio housing chart 2

For more charts on last year’s housing trends, including the median price of a fixer upper in San Francisco, check out the complete Paragon collection here.

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