Sifting through the myriad of San Francisco Airbnb listings can be a drag, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Whether you’re planning a summer trip to the foggy coastal city now (please bring multiple sweatshirts) or really need a stay-cation away from mouth-breathing roommates, here are a few of the more charming options plus one with a jaw-dropping price tag.

Four-bedroom beach house with an insane rental price of $11,483/month

SF airbnb-1 Photos: Airbnb

Let’s hope there was an extra digit accidentally thrown in. The interior looks cozy enough and the ocean is basically your backyard, but the outrageously high price is exactly why Airbnb gets a bad rap.

Portrero Hill Garden Cabana for your Gilligan’s Island adventures — $190/night

SF airbnb-2 Photo: Airbnb

This reasonably priced garden cabana is one of four bungalows in the host’s backyard. Guests have access to a private deck, and can mingle with other travelers in the shared garden.

Castro’s Secret Garden apartment — $235/night

SF airbnb-3 SF airbnb Photo: Airbnb

Travel through a secret garden within the Castro neighborhood to get to your apartment’s private entrance. Inside is a King-size bed, jacuzzi, and gorgeous decor.

“Exquisitely dreamy” and “very discreet” luxury apartment — $307/night

SF airbnb-6 Photos: Airbnb

Meticulously decorated by Elle Decor featured designer Benjamin Dhong, this one-bedroom will have you feeling like French royalty in the Marina. The queen-size bed is covered in premium Italian linens, and even the garden courtyard and barbecue area is furnished with an outdoor sofa.

Quirky and colorful private bedroom in the Mission — $84/night

SF airbnb-5 Photo: Airbnb

The owner is cool if you want to host a get-together for up to 25 people in this relatively inexpensive artist loft. The bedroom itself sports a queen bed, “romantic fainting couch” (because nothing says romance like passing out), and an antique desk.

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