Des Moines realtor Megan Hill Mitchum has a viral hit on her hands — in the real estate community, at least — with a cheeky parody video about the realtor experience, set to Adele’s “Hello.”

The video has amassed over 130,000 views on YouTube in three days. In it, Hill Mitchum explores the annoying side of being a realtor — from buyers calling too late at night, to indecisive clients, to complaints about Zillow’s incomplete home database.

“Zillow isn’t ever right. I want to scream ‘go fly a kite,'” sings Hill Mitchum. “I told you Zillow hasn’t walked in this home, and I know you want to write an offer real low.”

Hill Mitchum’s video was created for the Des Moines Area Association of Realtors Annual Circle of Excellence Banquet 2016, a cocktail reception and dinner honoring local real estate professionals.

This isn’t the first time Zillow has faced criticism from realtors in video form.

Last year, launched an anti-Zillow awareness campaign with a series of short videos.’s internal analysis showed about 20 percent more MLS-listed for-sale homes posted nationally than

The campaign’s most popular video has over 400,000 views and portrays the exaggerated nervous breakdown of a prospective homebuyer standing in front of a black-wrapped home. He can’t grasp that the home is not in Zillow’s database. “Does it exist? Do I exist? Do you exist” asks the buyer.

Responding to’s campaign, Amanda Woolley, a Zillow spokesperson, told HousingWire that “anyone can selectively pull data to tell the story they want to tell.”

Notably, Megan Hill Mitchum’s Adele parody video has a significantly higher number of views on YouTube than the four other videos in the campaign. The second most popular video has racked up just over 10,000 views since it was posted in late 2015.

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