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With Brooklyn’s ‘igloo for two’ now removed from Airbnb, it was only a matter of time before yet another absurd listing appeared on the peer-to-peer accommodations website. The “Netflix & Chill Room” is an Internet meme come to life, featuring a double bed with a custom duvet, fully-stocked mini bar, an HD projector connected with Apple TV and of course, a Netflix subscription.

To enhance the experience, surround sound speakers have been installed around the bed and two candles placed seductively in front the air conditioning unit. A steel spiral staircase provides access to the rooftop, which boasts stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. There’s also a large bathroom with “marble finish” and a tub-shower combo.

If you decide to take a break from Daredevil and well, other things, the surrounding neighborhood has plenty to offer. Located in the heart of the West Village, the apartment is just a few minutes’ walk from a bevy of restaurants, cafes, shops and jazz bars.

The room is a project presented by ART404, a New York-based “artup” company, and Tom Galle, a digital creative who works in advertising. This version of “Netflix and Chill,” however, isn’t such a cheap date. An overnight stay, currently offered on Saturdays only, costs $400. But for the creators, the room is much more than just a place to crash, it’s an “IRL experience.”

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