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Who says pets and high design don’t go together? It’s 2016 after all, and we treat our cats and dogs better than most humans. Your furry friend deserves the best! Pamper them with a piece of furniture that will allow them to lounge around in style.

1. Printed cat teepee from Free People, $88

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Judging by our Pinterest feed, cats and children love teepees. They serve as a cozy (and chic) hiding spots, which help to make a feline feel secure. This hand-crafted model from Free People is available in two canvas patterns.

2. End Table Dog Dome from AllModern, $179.99

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A dog bed that does double duty (or shall we say, dooty). This faux-rattan side table has a round, smooth surface for you and a comfortable cushion for your pet. Its dark espresso color effortlessly blends with a variety of decorating styles.

3. Welcome Home Shelf from Etsy, $180

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If cats had thumbs and could shop online, they would all purchase this wall-mounted shelf because it has everything. It’s a high vantage point with a scratching post and a holder for a small pot of cat grass. It’s paw-sitively purr-fect.

4. Dog feeder from Doca Pet, $67 – $119

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Does your dog eat premium grain-free organic kibble that costs roughly the same as a high-end cut of meat? Well then, it should be eating from a set of sculptural silver bowls. This design from Doca Pet comes in varying heights with one or three cup sized bowls.

5. Mid-century modern litter box from Etsy, $439

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This is a justified splurge, especially for small space living. No one wants to see (or smell) your cat’s litter box out in the open, and this colorful cabinet is a clever way to disguise it. Buyers can choose from five door color options with a left or right pet entrance side.

6. Square dog bed from Etsy, $99 – $139

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We’ve written about our love for poufs before, and this pink geometric dog bed from Filly Dog Co. certainly looks like one. Your guests might not even be able to tell the difference, so make sure Fido gets first dibs.

7. Cat-friendly bookshelf from Wohnblock, $1,855

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Cats are particularly fond of sitting on the book you’re reading, so why not treat them to their very own library. This custom-made piece of furniture is multi-functional, and includes carpet inserts for scratching, a cushion for snoozing and carefully placed shelves for climbing. Buyers can customize the color of the wood exterior, lacquered interior and carpet inserts.

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